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PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE ASSOCIATES, Inc. is a dental practice brokerage company, committed to successfully uniting buyers and sellers of dental practices. The firm was founded by Max Wilson, D.D.S., a dentist with extensive training and expertise in dental practice management, including the sales and transition processes of dental practices.

Featured Listings

CENTRAL OK. - Listing #317HC20 (One practice; Two locations)

Square Feet: 
1,336 at primary location & 950 in secondary location
Type of Practice: 
General Dentistry
Denticon (a leased dental software system)
Type of Opportunity: 
Practice for sale (two different and unique offices, both 20 minutes apart)
Number of Treatment Rooms: 
Primary = 5 (2 for hygiene) and secxondart = 4
Annual Practice Collections: 
Dental Office Facility: 
Primary locatin owned by Seller and Secondary is Leased
New Patients Per Month: 
24 at Primary Location and 20 at Secondary location TOTAL 44

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